Please read all of the following rules carefully:

  • You must register your project by Tuesday, May 2nd at 5pm so that we can save you a spot to demo your project on Wednesday. You may edit your project (and should) after you've registered. Ask a member of our staff if you need assistance.
  • You are required to sign the Media Release Waiver in order to be considered for a prize.
  • Participants entering in the Techbridge Hack-For-Good Challenge acknowledge that their code belongs to Techbridge to potentially be used for a good cause.
  • The maximum team size is 5.
  • Make sure you include a link to your Github repository in your submission.
  • You must clearly disclose which code you wrote yourself within the timeframe of the hackathon and let the judges know about any libraries or API's you used.
  • We also ask that you abide by the Hack Code of Conduct which requires you to treat everyone with respect.